Wonder Woman 1984 Is ‘Technically Done’ And Here’s The First Cut’s Runtime


Since the trailer to Wonder Woman 1984 was released last week, we’ve been about ready to time jump to summer 2020. If Diana Prince can do it between the 2017 blockbuster set in World War I and the fabulous ‘80s, we can too, right? But, apparently somewhere … the final cut of the new Wonder Woman is just sitting somewhere… five months in advance. Check out what writer/director Patty Jenkins recently said:

Whoa. Wonder Woman 1984 is basically ready. Patty Jenkins could certainly teach Cats director Tom Hooper, who made the finishing touches to his movie musical the day before its premiere. It’s nice to hear the filmmaker plan ahead so well that she can take her time with making any slight shifts to the movie in the coming months. Jenkins continued with these words:

That’s right… over the summer the filmmaker announced Wonder Woman 1984 would not be coming out to San Diego Comic-Con to show footage. It left some fans a little nervous about the state of the film. But, have no fear! According to Patty Jenkins, there’s tons of action to behold in the June release and it was a long process to get it ready. Jenkins and Gal Gadot instead debuted the trailer at Brazil Comic Con. During a roundtable interview at the con (via Collider), Jenkins was also asked about how long the first cut came to. In her words:

While other directors have made first cuts over three hours and such, when Patty Jenkin’s film was first assembled, Wonder Woman 1984 was already at a decent length for a superhero action film at 2 hours and 45 minutes. The 2017 film ran at 2 hours and 21 minutes so maybe Jenkins has another 20 minutes from the film to chop. She spoke more about the behind the scenes about the runtime with the following:

Wonder Woman 1984 Is ‘Technically Done’ And Here’s The First Cut’s Runtime

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