Winter Special: How To Make Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa At Home


  • Winter season is here and its time to indulge in delicious winter treats
  • Gajar ka halwa is one of the most popular desserts during the season
  • Here’s how you can make sugar-free gajar ka halwa at home

Winter season is finally here and we cannot wait to try all the decadent and delicious aromatic winter treats. From soups and stews to hot chocolate and seasonal veggies, there are n number of winter treats to choose from. No wonder we have our tummies ready to make the most of this beautiful season. And ruling the line of winter delights is the classic winter dessert – gajar ka halwa.

The classic Indian dessert, Gajar ka halwa is a must-have in every Indian home during the winter season. Doused in ghee, khoya, milk and natural sugar (read: coconut sugar or jaggery), this delicious Indian dessert has crossed the National borders to be a global phenomenon.

Since gajar ka halwa recipe includes khoya and sugar substitute, make sure you practice moderation if you are a diabetic. Here’s a sugar-free gajar ka halwa recipe that you can try at home this winter season!

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This gajar ka halwa recipe has grated carrots sautéed in ghee, combined in skimmed milk and cooked together. It is then cooked with cardamom, sultananas and khoya, cooked till dry and served with a generous garnishing of pistachios. You can add a sugar substitute if you want. Try this amazing winter delight with friends and family post dinner. Find the sugar-free gajar ka halwa recipe here.


Winter Special: How To Make Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa At Home

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