Indian Cooking Tips: Try This Winter Special Methi Paneer Recipe At Home For Dinner


  • Paneer is one of the most popular dishes across India
  • Here is a delicious winter special paneer dish with the goodness of methi
  • Paneer methi is a quick and easy recipe to prepare for lunch or dinner

One of the most popular vegetarian protein-rich foods, paneer is one desi cheese that we simply can’t get enough of. The vegetable cream delight is made after milk is curdled using a fruit or vegetable-derived acid. And since it is made with milk, paneer proves to be a rich source of calcium too. It isn’t just super-easy to make but also incredibly healthy to include in a high-protein diet, hence fitness enthusiasts include cottage cheese in their daily diet. Besides having ample amount of health benefits, paneer is a versatile ingredient that can transform any simple dish into a rich and flavourful one to relish.

While it is convenient to buy and use store-bought paneer, homemade paneer is creamier and better in terms of quality and texture. So before we tell you what to cook this winter season with paneer, let us tell you how to make paneer at home. And you’ll be surprised to know how easy it is! All you need is full-fat milk, some water and fresh lemon juice. Simply boil the milk, mix the water with lemon juice and add it to the milk. After some time, when it is cooled down, the milk solids will start to separate. Simply strain the cheese using a muslin cloth and squeeze all the water out. Voila! Your homemade paneer is ready to use.

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From rich curries to succulent paneer kebabs or tikkas, paneer works wonders with just about everything. You can even make decadent desserts such as paneer malpua and paneer jalebi! In fact, in the eastern parts of Indian subcontinent, it is generally referred to as chhena and is used to prepare rasgulla and rasmalai. You can make a fulfilling crumbled stuffing out of paneer and stuff them in almost everything and anything, from samosas and sandwiches to flatbreads like parathas. But here we are with a quick and easy paneer recipe packed with the winter season produce, methi (fenugreek) that you can relish for your next meal.

Methi paneer is a flavourful curry made with very few ingredients and can be prepared in less than half an hour. Methi and paneer cubes cooked with red chillies, dhania, garam masala and tomato puree, simmered till perfection, methi paneer makes for a great winter lunch dish. Find the recipe of methi paneer here, try at home and let us know how you liked it in the comments section below.


Indian Cooking Tips: Try This Winter Special Methi Paneer Recipe At Home For Dinner

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