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Coronavirus almost everywhere in China


More than 6,000 people worldwide have been infected globally since the first confirmed case of the Wuhan coronavirus in December.

By comparison, there were 8,098 confirmed cases of SARS between November 2002 to July 2003.

To put this into context: It has taken less than two months to get infect around 75% of the number infected by SARS over a nine month period.

Experts have previously estimated the Wuhan virus figures could still be vastly under-reported, making the novel coronavirus far more contagious, but also less deadly, than SARS so far.

Currently, the case fatality rate for Wuhan virus is 2.1% — smaller than SARS’ 9.6% mortality rate. It’s also smaller than Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) — another type of coronavirus — which has a case fatality rate of 35%.

Remember: The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is still ongoing, so both the number of reported cases and the number of deaths could increase.

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Coronavirus almost everywhere in China

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